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In the last decade, statistics have shown that more than 150,000 lives are lost each year due to lack of first aid training. This number is based in the UK alone. Create a study that encompasses the entire globe, and we might be looking at millions of lives lost. This is because people who know and are confident enough to administer first aid have become few and far between.

Don’t contribute to these numbers. Learn to save lives wherever and whenever with first aid training courses from North West Training. Explore our site to learn more about our qualification courses and class fees.

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Qualsafe Awards

Qualsafe Awards is one of the largest Ofqual recognised Awarding Organisations in the UK. We are proud to provide training courses provided by Qualsafe due to their esteemed status within the industry. With extensive industry knowledge they have helped thousands of people across the UK to become first aid trained and start to help saving lives.

Qualsafe also provide training for sectors other than first aid such as health and safety as well as food safety training making them a perfect provider for our every growing library of available courses.

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